Hasan Rizvi, Sr. Vice President, STP Ltd gives an overview of the waterproofing industry in India. He acknowledges that the ‘water-proofness’ becomes essential for all constructions. Excerpts:

Can you name and explain the most advanced techniques for waterproofing?

Presently there are a lot of technologies for waterproofing in use in the construction market. It would not be appropriate to name a breakthrough technology. However today people are inclined towards liquid applied waterproofing systems. Different waterproofing systems or products are used for different parts of a structure namely the roof, basement or walls, the location, climatic conditions, and usability of a structure would determine the system to be used.

STP Ltd is one of the market leaders engaged in manufacturing of waterproofing products for the past 80 years and has an in-house R&D division to develop products as per Indian climatic condition. STP is one of the pioneers for waterproofing which was established way back in 1935. Trusted for generations, STP has the largest range of new generation and traditional waterproofing products in India.

How are the innovations having an impact on the waterproofing techniques in India?

STP is also known to be pioneers in innovative technologies. Today the awareness level of customers has increased drastically. Many new products and solutions are available in the markets which are environment-friendly and green products with special inclination towards liquid applied membranes. Liquid applied systems are easy to apply and are very effective. In waterproofing of the roof of a power plant then liquid applied systems are easy to apply and user friendly. They can be applied on any shaped surface. There are no joints, hence chance of failure are significantly reduced. The infrastructure sector has shown inclination towards liquid applied systems.

Can you share details about the liquid membrane technology that is used for waterproofing?

Waterproofing with liquid membranes has gained popularity due to ease of application, seamless system and can be installed easily on any contour surface.

Our two-component cementitious elastomeric liquid applied waterproofing membrane namely ShaliCem EWP can be reinforced with glass fibres and is used for waterproofing roof, sunken, water tank, swimming pools, foundations, retaining walls etc.

STP’s liquid polyurethane materials ShaliUrethane LHM is single component moisture cured modified polyurethane elastomeric liquid membrane for waterproofing. It forms a seamless monolithic membrane by reaction with atmospheric moisture and can be used for all types of waterproofing, applied by roller or airless spray to waterproof , roof deck, mechanical equipment rooms, , terraces garden system.

ShaliUrethane BTD is a high performance, water based, cold applied, single component elastomeric in-situ coating. It is UV resistant and non-toxic, hence a green product. This liquid polyurethane material has excellent waterproofing characteristics and offers superior adhesion to concrete.

Where does India stand in the waterproofing industry?

The corporate world has great expectations from the Prime Minister Modi. The government seems to clear projects that were held up due to unnecessary reasons with focus on the infrastructure sector. This would be a boost to the construction chemicals business. Waterproofing industry tends to grow at 15 per cent per annum.

Do you consider the illegal import of products a threat to the Indian construction Industry?

Illegal import of Chinese products associated with construction chemicals has not been noticed. There appears to be no gap between demand and supply. Time delay happens in case of imported waterproofing products which are generally substituted by similar ingeniously developed products. Also to note that there are number of small distributors which supply imported products in the local markets. Higher volume, economy of scale and introduction of new product ranges with cutting edge technologies have put STP ahead of competition in the market. Today, it is a trusted name and a preferred brand in the field of construction chemicals and waterproofing because of its quality and services.

How do you see the waterproofing industry in the coming years?

To begin, in today’s age of premium on space, basements are constructed to give more usable space. Naturally, water-proofness is essential for all constructions. The Indian construction chemical and coating market continues to have a high potential for growth.

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