KEMPEROL AC Speed is a fast curing liquid-applied waterproofing based on PMMA resins and claims to have passed extensive high-quality tests to ETAG 005. The material can be walked on after 35 minutes (at 20 C) and re-coated after 60 minutes. This product ensures that even weather-related risks are reduced to a minimum.

Highly durable KEMPEROL AC Speed meets all waterproofing requirements and is suitable for both new buildings and renovations. It can be used for indoor and outdoor areas.

KEMPEROL AC Speed is used in conjunction with KEMPEROL Fleece for waterproofing details, joints and general waterproofing of structures. This is suitable for outdoor applications. It can be applied to virtually any substrate.

(at a temperature of 23 C)
• Workability time: 20 min.
• Rainproof after: 35 min.
• Can be walked on after 35 min.
• Cured after: 60 min.

Pack sizes 
15 kg container (component A) in combination with KEMPEROL CP catalytic powder (component B).

Standard color
Traffic grey

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